Court Reporting


  1. Personalization: Your particular needs are paramount with us at Scribe Reporting & Legal Copying. Let us know how we can best assist your litigation support team, and we will provide technologically current reporting services curtailed to your specifications. It is our desire to strategically fulfill your need of having a quality court reporting agency at your disposal.
  2. Conference Rooms: We have facilities on site to conduct depositions. Should your needs require a conference room outside the city, we have a network to secure comfortable and suitable facilities almost anywhere.
  3. Medical & Technical: Scribe Reporting & Legal Copying uses reporters who are significantly experienced in reporting medical and highly technical proceedings of various levels and intensities.
  4. Real-time: Upon request, Scribe Reporting & Legal Copying can provide real-time reporting services, which will enable instant access to viewing the record the reporter is making on your laptop during the proceeding.
  5. Deposition Exhibits: We can assist your staff with establishing and maintaining the organization of original deposition exhibits. All hard-copied exhibits can be numerically and/or alphabetically maintained in hard-ringed binders having highly functional designed systems when needed. Upon request, exhibits can also be “OCR” formatted for even greater ease of navigation and search capabilities. Also when required, we can insure original exhibits pertaining to a particular matter to be present at any succeeding deposition.
  6. Keyword Index: We know that time conservation and ease with transcript navigation are important values to you and your firm. Condensed transcripts and indexed copies can be generated from any proceeding. Condensed copies can be produced in formats of two, four or even more pages copied onto one page. The keyword index enables its reader to quickly locate key words or phrases within a transcript. All transcripts and their components can be electronically forwarded.
  7. Expedited Transcripts: When given prior notice of your need for quick turn-a-round delivery time, our reporters are prepared to respond to expedited transcript requests. If necessary your completed certified transcript can be delivered before close of the next business day.
  8. Standard Delivery Time: Our standard turn-a-round for delivery of transcripts is10 business days.
  9. Legal Videographers & Interpreters: For your convenience our offices can include the routine scheduling of legal videographers and/or interpreters for your proceedings.

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